Who knew you could have so much fun with mitochondrial DNA.  In the context of Abbie Hoffman’s recent passing, today’s mind-trip is brought to you courtesy of The Economist’s science section.  While not as potent as your favorite Swiss hallucinogenic, news that bushmen are the ones with the purest bloodlines is fairly trippy, especially if you tend to regard yourself as having a particularly refined line.

Kudos to those who didn’t stay put, didn’t do what they were supposed to, and didn’t just keep grinding away at the the same set of problems.  Now while some back-to-nature primitivists might contest my definition of progress, it seems that we would still be living as nomads in the bush rather than running hedge funds and spewing CO2 into the atmosphere if our ancestors hadn’t quit and gone off looking for greener grass somewhere else.

Of course if you’re a bushman I suppose this doesn’t apply to you – no offense.  But hey, at least you can say you stuck it out for 200,000 years.  And I guess the universe does have a sense of humor because after all that sticking around you got white Europeans coming back to wipe you out, enslave you, and take your land, followed a bit later by hedge fund managers taking eco-tours in the old stomping ground.

Sometimes you really should just try something new.

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