Girls just wanna have… POWER!

An excellent opinion piece appears in today’s Financial Times written by Chrystia Freeland, their US Managing Editor.  Ms. Freeland gets it right, across the board. Hillary Clinton was always a flawed feminist candidate because of the problem of dynasty.  Unlike Thatcher or Merkel, her ascendancy to the Presidency would always have been contaminated by the fact that a big reason she got there was that she married the right guy – and this no matter how tough or effective she might have been.

hillaryHer campaign, however, has been immensely important in furthering the cause of gender equality because she has substantially defused the biggest argument of those opposed to a female President – that women are not tough enough.  Her perseverance and toughness has come out in spades in the campaign.  Her lasting and substantial contribution to American politics is that she has made it substantially easier for the next woman, hopefully unhampered by dynastic complications, to reach the Oval Office (to the extent becoming the most powerful person on Earth can be said to be easy.  Oh, and lastly, it’s not often that you get to see the word “cojones” printed in the Financial Times.

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