The O-Man Cometh


The U.S. Presidential election has consumed the Cowboy over the last few months. While I don’t want to burden our blog with thoughts about the election, some summary observations are probably called for.

It may have been easier to write entries during the course of the election, charting its course, or the “narrative arc,” to quote Mr. O. But for better or worse, the Cowboy chose to be silent during the past few months. Indeed, there were many writers far more skilled than yours truly who were diligently on the case.

Still, it seems inappropriate to continue writing here without a mention of this momentous event. How can one do justice without overdramatizing? How can one say something that has not already been repeated ad nauseum by the chattering classes?

Well, suffice it to say that the Cowboy was an avid supporter of Mr. O, and endorsed him publicly in February of the current year. Although the Cowboy is a bit more hopeful than the crusty Brits, a good summary of the reasoning behind his support is here.

All in all, the Cowboy is very proud of the United States at this crossroad of history. The Cowboy abhors hypocrisy and seeks to “walk the walk”; by electing Mr. O the U.S. lived up to its promise. Mr. O could be one of the greatest Presidents, and he will hopefully be at least average. By comparison to Junior, even average will be great. And by the simple fact of Mr. O’s “narrative arc,” even average will be transformational for the country and an inspiration to many, including the Cowboy. So here’s lifting a tin cup for average and a glance at the heavens for great. We can only hope.

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