DNS Delights

Ever break something?  The Cowboy sure has.  How about the Internet?  Ever break that?  Not just your connection to the Internet, but, you know, the WHOLE THING?!

Mr. THere’s a fascinating tale of one man’s mission to stop a very big breakdown of our marvelous series of tubes.  If you know the name Dan Kaminsky, you know the story.  If not, here it is:  The Secret Geek A-Team.  [cue opening music]

Well, if you’re feeling inspired. Here’s a nice little DNS tweak.  Most people use the DNS server assigned by their ISP.  Try using a safe public DNS server like those belonging to Level 3, using Anycast, with their oh-so-easy-to-remember IP addresses of through  You can do this in the network settings for the operating system of your choice.  You might just get a nice little speed boost and even fix problems with broken sites – the Cowboy sure did.

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