Gallopin’ Gertie! Whoa there…

At the risk of ostracization at conservative campfires, the Cowboy is about to refer again to the Grey Lady – that’s twice in as many postings for those counting.

Amidst the indignation and outcries, the hand-wringing about moral hazard, the barrages from talking points artillery on both sides of the aisle, Friday’s column by David Brooks is the best analysis I have seen of the inherent dissonance in any discussion of government intervention.  Dare I say, it resonates.

Brooks is often criticized alternatively for (a) being too much in thrall to his public persona to be treated seriously, and/or (b) having meandering views on economics and public policy that do not adhere strictly enough to a given orthodoxy.  The Cowboy shares these concerns at times.  In the case of the latter critique, while the Cowboy is not generally a fan of orthodoxies per se, he is a fan of consistency and integrity of thought.  There is a difference.

Sometimes, though, Brooks’ meandering views capture the innate contradictions quite well.

Government must negotiate the balance between the needs of the many and the needs of the few.  The current discussions of intervention, regulation and stimulus are certainly such situations.  Brooks strikes the appropriate tone – be frustrated and angry with the few (or not so few depending on your outlook about the extent of moral turpitude), but do what’s in the best interests of the many.

Oh, and for those who have not seen it and want to, here’s Santelli.  The Cowboy is generally happy to have Santelli at his campfire, but the Cowboy did not find this to be one of his better moments.

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