First and Lex

It looks like Lexington is joining the blogosphere.  It and the other columnists from The Economist print edition are writing blogs starting today.  The Cowboy already enjoys Free Exchange and Democracy in America.  A heartfelt welcome is definitely in order.

In case you didn’t know, The Economist does not have bylines for its articles, editorials (called Leaders) or blogs.  Anonymity has been a hallmark since its founding in 1843.  Its amusing U.S. presidential debate liveblogs were written by several individuals at a time, each denoted by the color of the text used in their contributions (Red, Green, Blue, etc.).

The Cowboy has been a devoted weekly reader of the newspaper since the summer of 1987, when he first picked up a copy at a newsstand in the Alps while working as a janitor for a Swiss boarding school.

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