Kenneth the Page

So everyone from the Cowboy to Fox News panned Jindal, also known as the “smartest guy in the Republican room”.  Everyone’s also a-twitter over the Jindal/Kenneth comparisons.  Well, here’s Sullivan on Kenneth Jindal.  Between his post and Wikipedia you can figure it out, even if you don’t watch 30 Rock.

On a related note, here’s Chris Matthews on his open mic “Oh God” slip – apparently the Louisiana Governor’s mansion was too evocative of the South and a certain Republican’s presidential ambitions.

The Cowboy just found the whole thing creepy and stale.  Poor political instincts on Jindal’s part.  I went from being impressed with his resume to being sorrowfully amused by the sad-clown that the Republican party has become.  Unfortunately everyone loses from the lack of a sound and thoughtful opposition.

Here it is if you missed it.

Sullivan sums it up nicely, referencing Halperin, as does Brooks.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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