Gallopin’ Gertie! Whoa there…

At the risk of ostracization at conservative campfires, the Cowboy is about to refer again to the Grey Lady – that’s twice in as many postings for those counting.

Amidst the indignation and outcries, the hand-wringing about moral hazard, the barrages from talking points artillery on both sides of the aisle, Friday’s column by David Brooks is the best analysis I have seen of the inherent dissonance in any discussion of government intervention.  Dare I say, it resonates.


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Ghost Riders in the Sky

Watching the thunderstorm develop this afternoon, the Cowboy can’t help but wonder if we are being offered a chance at redemption and renewal.  I think I see the ghosts now:

Investment bankers, their faces gaunt, their eyes blurred, and shirts all soaked with sweat

chasing those bulls, their brands still on fire and their hooves made of steel.

In honor of our grandfathers indeed.  Perhaps this IS their recession.


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View from the Saddle

The Cowboy has a fondness for perspective – in this case historical perspective.  A broad view is a crucial tool in understanding….well anything really.  And for the economist, even a devoted armchair economist like the Cowboy, two primary ways of achieving that perspective are history and geography.  In examining our current global economic crisis, it is rather likely that we will not repeat a prior economic crisis, but analyses of prior tumult are useful in understanding what is happening, how long it will last, and how it will end.

The Cowboy has much to say about the crisis, but this morning the Cowboy is pausing on the trail (overlooking a broad, high-desert valley in the crystalline light of late morning in February – light that brings this vast landscape and azure sky into stark relief, or one might even say, perspective) to ponder a bit on the lessons of history.



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Looking for a job?

A new position in the administration has become vacant. The Cowboy is sending in his resume, but I’m wondering whether size matters.

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