Alone in a Storm?

The Cowboy loves a good storm.  Snow, rain, thunder, wind – it makes me feel alive; it makes me feel a part of something bigger than myself.

Markets keep falling as our economic storm continues.  The Dow is now below 7,000, which was another important psychological barrier.  The Cowboy has been expecting this for a couple of weeks.   It is interesting to see how these arbitrary index figures can create a dam of sorts.  Once the dam is broken, the water is free to flow and the bears are free to sell, driving prices lower.  Once we broke through 7,000, we were free to fall much further – to almost 6,800 at this point.  The next psychological barrier is the S&P 500 at 700; we are at 707 now.

So, how does one feel hopeful amidst the turmoil?  For the Cowboy, it is like a ferocious Nor’easter: the anticipation is frought with worry.  For those of us who had expected this storm for a while, in the Cowboy’s case firmly since March 2007, it is vindication and relief.  The storm is finally here.  The fearful anticipation is over.  Now is the time to survive rather than panic.  With more and more people seeing the immensity and pervasiveness of the gale, there arises a shared sense of understanding, respect, community and determination.  We can get through this.

We may feel alone, but we are in the storm together and we can help each other get through it.  Determination, bravery and a willngness to lend a hand to others will get us through.  This is the human spirit.  This is us at our best.

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  1. You have a wonderful way to create optimism in such uncertain and scary times. Thank you for making my day feel a bit sunnier – or should I say ‘stormier’?

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