Baden on My Mind

The market had a good week.  But the Cowboy does not think it’s time for celebration yet.  It still seems that real recovery will take a while, and that the pain may worsen before it gets better.  Remember that equity markets are volatile and leading indicators.  Just as it is difficult to blame poor short-term performance on a president, it is imprudent to forecast the end of all our economic troubles after a good week.  So walk with a little lighter step this weekend, but know that there is more hard work to do.

How do we dance through difficult times?  Let Baden Powell show you how with a little Samba Triste.

This looks like it may be in the Berlin Philarmonie in 1968.  This was Baden’s first performance in Germany, part of the Berlin Festival Guitar Workshop.  The main intro is obviously en français, but the translation is auf Deutsch.

If you want more, here is a lovely broadcast from 1971 aired in the BRD (West Germany).  In four parts, very cool:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Oh, and lest your stereotypes are still in place, this Brazilian guitarist, beloved in Germany, was a big fan of Chopin (also mentioned in the documentary above).  Here’s a Prélude in Poland:

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