A Samba for Obama or a Hula for Lula?

It’s been a Brazilian weekend.  Our favorite Hawaiian and the shoeshine-boy-turned-president met today at the White House.  The chemistry was apparently quite good.  Both men come from broken families, were raised without their fathers, and in the most unlikely of stories, became presidents of their respective countries.

As the leader of Latin America’s biggest economy and one of the hitherto fast-growing, large, emerging countries affectionately known as BRICs, Lula is no tropical lightweight.  Playing the mutual respect card that he uses so well, Obama made a bold step towards establishing an important personal relationship in the region.

As Brazil becomes increasingly irritated with Chavez in Venezuela, and its economic policies get added respect by rich-country economists, the country may emerge as an important ally to the United States.  Brazil’s large oil reserves, including the immense offshore finds of the last few years, are icing on the cake (or farofa on the feijoada). If you are a good leader on the dance floor, you make your partner dazzle.  If you are a good dancer, you make the one leading look great.  Either way, it takes two to.. well, samba.

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