Un Soldat Pour Les Enfants

A couple of weeks ago the Cowboy posted a song entitled Love, Love, Love.  Well, here’s some background.

The song is from a French children’s show, book and recording entitled Le Soldat Rose.

The musical show just completed a run at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, as well as a tour across France.  There do not seem to be any upcoming dates scheduled, but there probably will be more.  If you happen to be in France with your kids and haven’t seen it, check for upcoming dates.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if it came to Québec.  Otherwise, you can also purchase the DVD online (Region 2) or check the torrents (not condoned by the Cowboy).

This musical story was composed by Louis Chedid, written by Pierre-Dominique Burgau and illustrated by Cyril Houplain.  The main character, the Soldat Rose, is played by the French-Lebanese musician Matthieu Chedid, also known by his alternate Ziggy-Stardust-like persona, “-M-“.  Cyril Houplain and Matthieu Chedid were childhood friends who jointly created the world of “-M-“.  If you noticed the mention of two Chedids, that is because Louis is Matthieu’s father.

The story is about a boy named Joseph who, seeking to escape the world of grown-ups,  hides among the toys in a department store until the store closes, leaving him locked up over night.  The toys come alive, and little Joseph ends up learning more about grown-ups and the world outside than he could have imagined.  As for the Soldat Rose, well, he’s one of those unwanted toys who is never sold, in his case because no one wants a pink soldier.  To make matters worse, the love of his life was recently sold and taken away from the store.

As someone who has been a misfit, enjoys bucking convention from time to time, and understands that life can be troubled, melancholy and joyful, the Cowboy tips his hat to the little Soldat Rose.  There is probably some of him in all of us.

Trés jolie.

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  1. I imagine Le Soldat Rose is filled with life lessons for us all and I hope our boys will get to see or read the story someday – in French too! I know there is a little of Le Soldat Rose in me too.

  2. Beautiful thoughts to enhance the wonder of being alive.

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