Un Soldat Pour Les Enfants

A couple of weeks ago the Cowboy posted a song entitled Love, Love, Love.  Well, here’s some background.

The song is from a French children’s show, book and recording entitled Le Soldat Rose.


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White in Clover

For Saint Patrick.

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Wanted: Cats. Dead, Alive or Both.

The Cowboy loves quantum physics.  As a fan of perspective and changes thereof, it is hard to not be enraptured by a field of study of the natural world that takes one so completely down the proverbial rabbit hole, where nothing is as it should be.


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A Samba for Obama or a Hula for Lula?

It’s been a Brazilian weekend.  Our favorite Hawaiian and the shoeshine-boy-turned-president met today at the White House.  The chemistry was apparently quite good.  Both men come from broken families, were raised without their fathers, and in the most unlikely of stories, became presidents of their respective countries.


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Bridge Over Troubled Water


The Cowboy posted on Northern Ireland early last week, and there has been much in the international press on the topic since.  Some writers dwell on the precariousness of peace there while others focus on the peaceful, united response to the killings by breakaway factions of the IRA.  There is a good article that the Cowboy recommends in today’s Belfast Telegraph. By way of background, the Telegraph is the largest newspaper in Northern Ireland by circulation, and it is generally viewed as being conservative and moderately unionist in editorial outlook.

img_3621The bridge of compromise can be wobbly and nerve-wracking, but the experience of crossing it is well worth the effort.

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Baden on My Mind

The market had a good week.  But the Cowboy does not think it’s time for celebration yet.  It still seems that real recovery will take a while, and that the pain may worsen before it gets better.  Remember that equity markets are volatile and leading indicators.  Just as it is difficult to blame poor short-term performance on a president, it is imprudent to forecast the end of all our economic troubles after a good week.  So walk with a little lighter step this weekend, but know that there is more hard work to do.

How do we dance through difficult times?  Let Baden Powell show you how with a little Samba Triste.


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Lula the Capitalist

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the much-discussed center-left president of Brazil, wrote an interesting opinion piece the other day.  If you do not know his story, it is a wonderful rags-to-power tale worthy of a motion picture.  The Cowboy found the column strikingly practical and market-oriented, with a hearty dash of the kind of love-of-humanity stuff that drives the best social democrats.  Brazil has had a long history of protectionism in its trade policies, making his words and his country’s liberalizing actions over the past decade all the more impressive.  You can listen to the next post while you read it. (Should be up in a few minutes)

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Rebounds That Don’t

John Kay perfectly outlines what the Cowboy has been thinking since the outset of the current financial crisis.

Money quote:

“The analogue of the 1929 Wall Street crash is not the 2007 credit crunch, but the bursting of the New Economy bubble in 2000.”

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Hegemons Online

32 in 8” is a current meme on the interwebs.  But don’t click on that link yet.


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For Whom Does Belfast Toll?

A year ago the Cowboy wrote the following:

“..it conjures the flames of religious hatred that have plagued mankind for so long. Having just spent a week in Northern Ireland and walked the streets where neighbors violently killed and mutilated each other over the differences between their Protestant and Catholic faiths, these metaphorical flames can become real ones all too easily. That was a multifaceted conflict with various motivations, of course, but religion was certainly one of the factors at its core. If Christians want a war against Islam, they can certainly have it; there will be many on both sides who are very willing to enter the fray. Christianity, including Catholicism, Protestantism and the various non-denominational beliefs make up about 33% of the world population, while Islam makes up about 20%. It would be quite a war indeed. I hope we will not see a conflict of that scale and that, like Northern Ireland today, we can live together with a sense of understanding. Seeing the cranes and development around Belfast, the renewed hope and all of the other signs of a healthy, peaceful economy, it is clear to me that understanding is better than hatred.”




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