M&A Is Dead. Long Live M&A.

The rumors of its demise are grossly exaggerated it would seem.

Merck on Monday announced an agreed $41bn takeover of its New Jersey rival, Schering-Plough..”  (via FT)

“Roche Holding AG has sweetened its offer for Genentech Inc by about 2 percent to $46.7 billion..” (via Reuters)

And a little over a month ago:

Pfizer on Monday unveiled a $68bn takeover of Wyeth, reasserting its flagging position as the world’s largest pharmaceuticals group and paving the way for a fresh bout of consolidation across the sector.” (via FT)


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Cuts Like a Knife

Thought for the day

Stereotypes are like knives.  They are immensely useful in our everyday lives.  In fact, it is hard to imagine life without them.  One must wield them carefully, however, for they can cause great pain, damage lives and incite war.

Stereotypes, or “categorical thinking”, allow us to sift through large amounts of data quickly.  From an evolutionary standpoint, stereotyping allowed our ancestors to determine friend from foe, and quickly.


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Popular Populist Pugilists

Part 2 (final)

Populism.  Definition (thorough but still needs work).

Are both sides capable?  If you look at politics as a purely bipolar experience where the poles are dictated by someone other than yourself, and if those poles can be loosely called “left” and “right “, is it always the case that the populists are only on the “other” side?


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More gloom, more hope.  This post is about hope.

Okay, but what’s with the weird numbers in the title.  Any guesses?

The Cowboy loves new frontiers.  (That’s a hint.)


(That’s another hint. And the pic is a hint too.)

Give up?


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Populism and its Discontents

Part 1

As referenced in an earlier post, CNBC trading floor reporter, Rick Santelli, caused quite a stir a couple of weeks ago with his tirade on the floor of the Chicago Merc.

What has not been so widely reported is the ribbing he has received regularly from his on-air colleagues ever since.  Watching Santelli, it seems that initially he got a boost from his newfound notoriety, but it soon diminished as word of his exploits traveled further and further.  It’s hard to tell how much was Santelli, and how much was CNBC management, but the Cowboy thinks they both reacted similarly: Santelli (and CNBC) reveled in his populism for a few days, then began to retreat as it dawned on them that his notoriety might be a liability.


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Stormy Seas

Another turbulent day in the markets.  What do you do?

Take all of your skills, your resilience, your optimism and move forward.  You may get tossed around, you may end up off course, you may get hurt, but keep focused on getting where you’re going as fast as you can.  Sound hard to do?  It is.

Want to follow someone else doing it?  Here’s your chance.  Just when we need it, and tying together all corners of our blue planet.

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Want more?


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Family Values

The White House, South Lawn near the Oval Office.  Surprise!

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Cheer Up

Sure, the U.S. economy lost 697,000 jobs last month, but the market is up!  The S&P 500 dipped below 700 yesterday, but everyone realized that we still have each other.  Smile!

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Hugo Losing His Jugo?

Interestingly, we see here that despite Hugo Chavez’s recent win, his clout is dropping with the price of oil.  No great surprise, but it’s always good to see your expectations realized.

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Like any traveler who seeks knowledge, experience and hard work, the Cowboy has found himself on a number of ranches, always trying to learn a new skill, gain some additional wisdom, and improve himself in the eyes of himself and his creator.


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Pink Slips

Even in Cuba.  Steve Clemons explains.  The Cowboy thinks it’s about time for the U.S. to reconsider its inept and dysfunctional Cuba policy.  Now is the time to engage.  Too bad there are other things on the U.S. to-do list as well.

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