Roses In Spring

Simon said he wasn’t surprised by Susan Boyle, the Scottish woman who has taken Britain and the world by storm.

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Do you remember the man who DID surprise Simon?

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It is interesting to see the difference in reactions received by the two contestants.  In Susan’s clip, the audience gets on their feet immediately, cheering.  In the other clip, everyone is wiping away tears.  Where Susan is spunky despite the circumstances of her life, Paul seems saddened by the circumstances of his.

These stories seem to touch a part of our hearts that wants roses to bloom after a hard winter.  Every person’s hard winter is different, but those who have endured one know how it feels.  The hard winter can arise from the most horrid of conditions visited upon humanity, but it also can result from something unexpected that darkens the soul.

Like literal hard winters, metaphorical ones cannot be compared by measuring the circumstances that caused them.  They must be measured by their results – the depth of the snow, the number of storms, the force of the winds that buffet the soul.  It is difficult to judge the results by looking at the causes.  A person can be suffering without starving and freezing to death.

Spring does come – not always, but often.  And when it does, it can surprise us.  Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it does.  That’s the joy of life, I suppose.

If you have had a dark winter, did it strengthen your sense of defiance – your spunkiness?  Or, did it take away your joy and your sense of self, saddening you deeply?  Or both?

The Cowboy has had his own dark winters, despite a life that he views as very privileged.  In his case, the answer is both.

Those roses in spring are spunky in their determination to flower, thorny in defense of themselves and beautiful in full blossom.  But they are delicate and frail too.  A spring rain storm can easily destroy their flowers, and there is a sadness to this frailty.  It is the combination of strength, defiance, fragility and sadness that gives roses their ultimate beauty.  Perhaps it is a desire to be roses ourselves that makes us respond to Susan and Paul, in whom we see spunkiness, sadness and hope.

Which performance affects you more?  Which is more uplifting?  And what do you learn about yourself from your answer?

Life will come into full bloom

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