A Jaunty Jackelope On The Trail

The Cowboy is a fan of Linux, and Ubuntu in particular.  It’s a great time to give it a try.

The new version (9.04) was released today as scheduled.  You can run it off a CD or USB drive, in a virtual machine (the Cowboy likes VirtualBox), or using something like Wubi.

Here is the download page with lots of mirrors, but fire up your bit torrent client (the Cowboy likes μtorrent on Windoze) for faster speeds and to ease the strain on the servers.  You can even help out by maximizing your upload speed and seeding for a while after you download.  It’s a bit tough to find the torrents, so here are the main ones (with the MD5 checksums):

Desktop i386 (60d5d82328b4547511fdeac9bf4d0112daa0ce00)

Desktop AMD64 (20ae692114dc343c86df5b07c276e5077e581766)

Here’s the tracker page.

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