The Cowboy fell off his horse.

It’s funny how one’s vantage point can change one’s perspective.  Atop your steed, the world is understandable, the view commanding, the work hard, but manageable.  If you fall off, particularly if you believe yourself to be an accomplished rider, the view changes.  What was once simple is now difficult.

You are hurt.  Your horse has wandered off.  You’ve probably been unconscious for a few minutes.  You are disoriented.  You are alone.

A dramatic, scenic and inspiring valley becomes a barren, isolated and hellish expanse.  A trail, a plan, hopes, dreams and a peaceful campfire by which to rest your weary limbs all dissipate in the waves of heat that rise from the desert.  An accomplished past and promising future are blinded by a sun that overwhelms everything with its whiteness, leaving only the present.  As the light engulfs you and takes you with it, perspective changes.  Einstein was right.  You are traveling with the light now – time moving quickly and oh so slowly.  Your view of time and space collapses into a pinpoint of perspective.  You are like a frightened horse with blinders limiting your view of the world.  And the sun, your reliable and friendly guide, becomes your harbinger of doom.  Light that was once your ally, is now your enemy.

What do you do?  There is only one choice.  You may sit there for a while, weighing the options in your head, trying to come up with alternatives, but there is only one choice.  You have to make your way to civilization, you have to find a horse and you have to get back on it again.  In the end it is all about conquering your fear.  Not triumphantly, but one step at a time, haltingly, stumbling, hesitantly.

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