Happiness and success are intertwined, at least if you define success for yourself.  It is difficult to be happy without viewing yourself as successful.  As the Grant Study I mentioned yesterday demonstrates, happiness is just as difficult to predict as success.  Here’s a soundtrack for today’s post.  Click play and read on.


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Joshua Wolf Shenk has an article in the June issue of The Atlantic (available online now) that provides an overview of the Grant Study, a project to determine success factors by following a group of the most promising young men researchers could find as they made their way through life.  The young men in question were Harvard students whom researchers identified as being the most likely to succeed in life based on conventional standards at the time.  The study has been proceeding for over 70 years.


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The Cowboy fell off his horse.

It’s funny how one’s vantage point can change one’s perspective.  Atop your steed, the world is understandable, the view commanding, the work hard, but manageable.  If you fall off, particularly if you believe yourself to be an accomplished rider, the view changes.  What was once simple is now difficult.

You are hurt.  Your horse has wandered off.  You’ve probably been unconscious for a few minutes.  You are disoriented.  You are alone.


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Le Rouge Et Le Noir

The Cowboy had the opportunity to speak with the Managing Editor of  The Economist this week; he even had his picture taken with him.  You can see the photograph of us at the end of this post.


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