Cue The Carrier


Whatever you thought of his politics, his weekly “On Language” column provided immense pleasure to many readers including the Cowboy.  Never retire indeed; his last column was two weeks ago.  He will be missed.



Who Knew?

It’s been a year since Lehman Brothers, that age-old, proud Wall Street institution was destroyed.  Hmm.  Well not quite.  The Lehman Brothers that went under was created in 1994, making it a venerable 15-year old institution.  The original Lehman was acquired by American Express’s Shearson unit in 1984.  Shearson Lehman (Hutton) was a far cry from the powerful institution Lehman had once been.  Amex and Shearson ran the show.  Shearson later bought what was left of EF Hutton after it collapsed in the wake of the 1987 crash, making it an amalgam of several prior firms owned by a large diversified corporation.  It’s a testament to the new Lehman, however, that it was able to become such a significant player over that 15-year period.  Well, 15-minus-one year period.  It’s an interesting history.  Who knew things would get so bad…


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Cinderella Must Go!


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Afeição: (n., f.) fondness, affection, devotion, friendship.


What do you wake up to in the morning?

The sun rises across the high desert chaparral.  The sky, indigo, the mountains glowing their infinite hues of red and orange.


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