1918: History, Medicine and Art

Below is an interesting film on the infamous 1918 flu pandemic.  Mrs. Gomez (Mama), of the first interview, is the matriarch of a clan with which the Cowboy has had a lifelong family friendship.  The Cowboy had the good fortune to be able to say hello to la Señora, as he always addresses her,  just before Christmas.  She is 100.  Like her daughters and grand-daughters, she is a strong, dynamic woman filled with energy and charm.

Her son-in-law, an opthalmic surgeon, was a huge positive influence on a young Cowboy, who spent many hours with him in operating rooms, both as a patient with a complex trauma-induced condition, and as a student standing beside him.  The Cowboy regularly followed him on Saturday mornings, beginning at 7 am, donning scrubs, and observing microsurgery performed by this artist of the medical arts – a good man, a dedicated teacher, and a strong father figure to his kids as well as the Cowboy.

Monsieur le Docteur showed the Cowboy that anyone is an artist who takes pride in his work and views it as an opportunity to  bring elegance and beauty to the world.  He always sought to help others with his art, providing his services to many who could not afford to see him, or anything else for that matter. 

Monsieur le Docteur taught the Cowboy to think: “Diagnosis is critical!”   Use the mind, close observation, experience AND a fresh perspective to solve problems.  Do not be seduced by the familiar, by inattention to detail, or by intellectual laziness.

And finally, it was Monsier le Docteur who facilitated the Cowboy’s time in Switzerland through close friends from his years as a Swiss basketball coach.  For it was his belief that relationships are to be treasured for a lifetime.

Monsier le Docteur is an expert on Sergei Diaghilev, a valued friend, and a reader of this blog.  Merçi et salut!

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