Le Rouge Et Le Noir

The Cowboy had the opportunity to speak with the Managing Editor of  The Economist this week; he even had his picture taken with him.  You can see the photograph of us at the end of this post.


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Roses In Spring

Simon said he wasn’t surprised by Susan Boyle, the Scottish woman who has taken Britain and the world by storm.

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Do you remember the man who DID surprise Simon?


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Peace May Help

Part 3

The Cowboy wrangled llamas on the Altiplano for a spell (with motorbikes too).  He also spent a fair bit of time in La Paz.  It is a beautiful and fascinating city.

And yes, it’s still tied to the riddle.

(to be continued)

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Starry Night

It’s been a busy weekend for the Cowboy.  Lots of rustlin’, wranglin’ and so on.

The other day, a long, tall Texan told the Cowboy that he had decided a few years back that we were all put here on the range to do two things:  to love and to serve.  He said this with a profound sense of sincerity and absolute humility.  The Cowboy is proud to be able to call this man a friend.  This is for him.

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Greasing The Wheels

A friend turned the Cowboy on to Atahualpa Yupanqui some 15 or more years ago.  He is considered a native treasure in Argentina.  This is one of my favorites.

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Flying in Neutral


Switzerland has a long history of zealously-guarded neutrality, but the country historically combined its banking industry, mountainous terrain, and not-inconsequential self-defense forces to prevent invasion.  Famously, every Swiss adult male is in the military reserves and has a rifle in his closet.


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Cuts Like a Knife

Thought for the day

Stereotypes are like knives.  They are immensely useful in our everyday lives.  In fact, it is hard to imagine life without them.  One must wield them carefully, however, for they can cause great pain, damage lives and incite war.

Stereotypes, or “categorical thinking”, allow us to sift through large amounts of data quickly.  From an evolutionary standpoint, stereotyping allowed our ancestors to determine friend from foe, and quickly.


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