A New Chapter

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All The World’s A Stage

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;

– William Shakespeare, As You Like It

When it’s time to put on a show, what kind of leader do you want?

David Brooks plays the Cowboy’s song:

In the journal In Character, the Washington Post theater critic Peter J. Marks has an essay on the ethos of the stagehands who work behind the scenes. Being out when the applause is ringing doesn’t feel important to them. The important things are the communal work, the contribution to the whole production and the esprit de corps. The humble hound is a stagehand who happens to give more public presentations than most.


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1918: History, Medicine and Art

Below is an interesting film on the infamous 1918 flu pandemic.  Mrs. Gomez (Mama), of the first interview, is the matriarch of a clan with which the Cowboy has had a lifelong family friendship.  The Cowboy had the good fortune to be able to say hello to la Señora, as he always addresses her,  just before Christmas.  She is 100.  Like her daughters and grand-daughters, she is a strong, dynamic woman filled with energy and charm.

Her son-in-law, an opthalmic surgeon, was a huge positive influence on a young Cowboy, who spent many hours with him in operating rooms, both as a patient with a complex trauma-induced condition, and as a student standing beside him.  The Cowboy regularly followed him on Saturday mornings, beginning at 7 am, donning scrubs, and observing microsurgery performed by this artist of the medical arts – a good man, a dedicated teacher, and a strong father figure to his kids as well as the Cowboy.


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Fathers And Sons


The Cowboy found himself thinking about Eva Evdokimova the other day.  She died earlier this year at the relatively tender age of 60.  She is undoubtedly still dancing in the heavens.


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Afeição: (n., f.) fondness, affection, devotion, friendship.


What do you wake up to in the morning?

The sun rises across the high desert chaparral.  The sky, indigo, the mountains glowing their infinite hues of red and orange.


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Be Nice To Someone… For No Good Reason

The Cowboy has spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to do good things for people with no expectation of anything in return.  It’s easier said than done, but the effort alone can have a positive impact on you and the beneficiary.

And the best part is that when it clicks, it’s a real kick.

Try it.  You might like it.

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Only Words

The March 14 Coalition won a majority of seats in the Lebanese Parliamentary elections on Sunday.

A few excerpts from the Times:

“There were many domestic reasons voters handed an American-backed coalition a victory in Lebanese parliamentary elections on Sunday — but political analysts also attribute it in part to President Obama’s campaign of outreach to the Arab and Muslim world.”

“It is hard to draw firm conclusions from one election. But for the first time in a long time, being aligned with the United States did not lead to defeat in the Middle East.”

“Washington is now proposing talking to Hezbollah’s patrons, Iran and Syria, rather than confronting them — a move that undermines the group’s attempt to demonize the United States. The United States is also no longer pressing its allies in the Lebanese government to unilaterally disarm Hezbollah, which, given the party’s considerable remaining clout, could have provoked a crisis.”

“The results in Lebanon may also make it more difficult for Israel to capitalize on fears of Hezbollah dominance and shift the conversation away from the peace process with the Palestinians…”


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Linguistic Frippery

"What will I accomplish in my life?" wondered a young Cowboy vividly.

Courtesy of Schott.

“Here’s the source, and the progeny,” the Cowboy posted swiftly.

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Finale: Orgullosa

Part 3

Christian soldiersAlthough by 1921 the revolution had mostly ended, Mexico was still a simmering cauldron of animosities, particularly relating to the role of the church.  In 1926, during the presidency of Plutarco Elías Calles, a popular uprising broke out against the government and in support of the church.  The rebels, known as Cristeros, were protesting against the various restrictions that had been placed on the church and its clergy.  The conflict, which lasted until 1929, became known as the Cristero War.


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Part 1

One of the Cowboy’s favorite songs was written by a man named Rubén Fuentes, a composer, arranger, producer and director of that most famous of Mexican folk music ensembles – Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán.  Fuentes composed many of the most famous songs that one associates with mariachi music.  If you question the pedigree of a mariachi group, take note of the fact that Mariachi Vargas was formed in 1897, and Fuentes joined the group in 1944.  Fuentes is still artistic director.

José Luis Castillejos did a nice write-up on the song and its unusual history.  I’ll give you the link to his site later.  The first story goes like this:


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