Finale: Orthodox Icons – Risky Or Rewarding?

Stepan Shukhvostov (1821-1908). Church of St. Alexis in the Chudov Monastery of the Moscow Kremlin (1866)

Stepan Shukhvostov (1821-1908) Church of St. Alexis, Chudov Monastery, Moscow Kremlin (1866)

Part 3

Alan Greenspan no longer has access to the tools he once used to control the global economy.  Of course he never really did control the global economy, but he did exert a fair bit of influence for a time.

As the elder statesmen of U.S. monetary policy, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker are smart people who are worth listening to on occasion.  Mr. Volcker famously beat the high inflation that had plagued the U.S. for quite some time, and Mr. Greenspan in his heyday received a hagiographical focus unrivaled by any economist before or since.  And yes, that includes Friedman, Keynes or anyone else you might like to throw at the Cowboy (in his humble opinion).

Mr. Volcker is in the thick of things, with little time for public reflection, one might assume.  So of the two that leaves our once-beloved Mr. Greenspan to sit on the porch pondering things.  We might even dare to call him Alan these days.


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A Tale Of Two Outfits

Part 2

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  Well, not really.  It was just fascinating times.  Just like now.

The Cowboy has been fortunate enough to work with a number of interesting outfits over the years.  Some liked complexity while others eschewed it.  Once upon a time, the Cowboy was working on a ranch in London – Bishopsgate in the City, for those who care.

As an aside, there used to be a sandwich shop in Leadenhall Market, just down the street.  It was run by an Italian.


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So Much For A Swedish Model

Part 1

The Cowboy has been ruminatin’ on the U.S. bailout of the financial institutions that was leaked last weekend, and formally announced on Monday.  The markets were clearly pleased.

What to say?


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Flying in Neutral


Switzerland has a long history of zealously-guarded neutrality, but the country historically combined its banking industry, mountainous terrain, and not-inconsequential self-defense forces to prevent invasion.  Famously, every Swiss adult male is in the military reserves and has a rifle in his closet.


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Hugo Losing His Jugo?

Interestingly, we see here that despite Hugo Chavez’s recent win, his clout is dropping with the price of oil.  No great surprise, but it’s always good to see your expectations realized.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Like any traveler who seeks knowledge, experience and hard work, the Cowboy has found himself on a number of ranches, always trying to learn a new skill, gain some additional wisdom, and improve himself in the eyes of himself and his creator.


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First and Lex

It looks like Lexington is joining the blogosphere.  It and the other columnists from The Economist print edition are writing blogs starting today.  The Cowboy already enjoys Free Exchange and Democracy in America.  A heartfelt welcome is definitely in order.

In case you didn’t know, The Economist does not have bylines for its articles, editorials (called Leaders) or blogs.  Anonymity has been a hallmark since its founding in 1843.  Its amusing U.S. presidential debate liveblogs were written by several individuals at a time, each denoted by the color of the text used in their contributions (Red, Green, Blue, etc.).

The Cowboy has been a devoted weekly reader of the newspaper since the summer of 1987, when he first picked up a copy at a newsstand in the Alps while working as a janitor for a Swiss boarding school.

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Don’t Check the Label

Is the Cowboy a Conservative or a Liberal?


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Cowboy Confessional

It is probably time to address the use of the Cowboy as a third-person construct.  The Cowboy is just a humble traveler, making his way through life, the universe and everything (Hat Tip to Mr. Adams).  But if the Cowboy is to stand tall and proud in his saddle, as any good cowboy must, why rely on a literary device as gimmicky as the third person narrative?

Well, the Cowboy may be a simple man, but he has been to the Big City, and he acknowledges that this device would be roundly condemned by any worthwhile contributor to the Review.  Further, he knows that hiding behind a mask is not a new, or particularly inspired invention.  But, sometimes you do what works just to get you a bit further down the trail.

Subcomandante MarcosAnd besides, between the Lone Ranger and Subcomandante Marcos, the Cowboy has to highlight the frequently-observed phenomenon that an air of mystery does seem to get the fillies interested.

So, apologies to my dear readers.

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Howdy, folks.

Pull up a chair, cozy up to the fire, and watch the flames dance.

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