Readers’ Guide

Here are some notes that might help make things a bit clearer.

Subject Matter

The Cowboy writes on a variety of topics that interest him, but postings are centered on international relations, macroeconomics, the arts, and science.  The Cowboy’s goal is to be thoughtful, amusing and perhaps even inspiring on occasion.  This is the Cowboy’s place for self-expression; if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

If you do like it, and you have some ideas, images, video clips or whatever that you think the Cowboy might like, or that you would like the Cowboy to write about, please let the Cowboy know at the address on the bottom of this page or in the comments.

Narrative Form

The Cowboy sometimes refers to himself in the third person and sometimes in the first – it’s an inconsistent style, but get over it.  As for the pseudonym, you’ll have to read more here.

Autobiographical Content

The Cowboy has always found that stories and metaphors are useful tools for understanding the world around us.  As such, personal stories are often used to illustrate or accentuate broader themes.  The Cowboy also likes to talk about himself, so rather than bore you at a cocktail party, all some narcissistic tendencies are directed hereto.  If you are finding it tiresome, just click the “Home” button on your browser of choice.  (Except for Safari, which doesn’t have one. Or Chrome for that matter.  Well, you know what I mean.  Just go somewhere else if you don’t like it.)


At the moment the Cowboy is trying to post once a day, generally in the evening. No promises about the future, but that’s true about a lot of things.  If a day or two go by without a post, either things have been busy or the Cowboy just hasn’t felt like putting pen to paper.


Diaghilev Cowboy, as is standard procedure for such things, is published in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post being at the top of the main page.  Clicking on the title of any post will take you to a dedicated page for that post.  This is useful for emailing someone the post or linking to it.  Clicking on the title “Diaghilev Cowboy” at the top of any page will take you to the main page.

Some postings are long and others short.  The Cowboy also does multi-part postings from time to time. Such postings are always labeled with the Part number at the beginning of the post. After the first Part, subsequent Part numbers are links back to the prior Part.  There are also links forward, from Part 1 to Part 2 for example.  Just click on “to be continued.”  Multi-part postings are not necessarily contiguous, but they will be relatively close to each other. The final part will be labeled: “Finale.”

In the lower right hand column of every page, you will find a search box and a listing of categories.  Search will give you all of the postings containing the search term (like “walrus“). Clicking on a category will give you all of the posts in that category.  Some posts are in one category and others are in several.  If there is a post in “Uncategorized,” that is a mistake that will probably be rectified shortly.

The Cowboy has also started using Tags, which are listed at the bottom of each post.  Tags are like categories, but they provide a more free-form, impromptu way of sorting similar posts.  Older posts will not have tags unless The Cowboy gets around to adding them.


The Cowboy tries to get it right the first time, but often doesn’t.  The Cowboy tries to treat each posting as fairly fixed once published, but corrections are occasionally made after the fact.  The Cowboy tries to make such changes immediately after posting and to limit them to clean-up or clarification.  Only on rare occasions will changes be made after the first hour post-posting.  Should you, dear reader, find an error or a missing link or image, please let the Cowboy know in the comments or by emailing at the address below.  Linked sites and images do change, so your assistance in keeping things current is appreciated.


The Cowboy enjoys word-play and double-entendres, so watch out for those.  Ditto for alliteration and interesting terminology.

If there is a word you don’t understand, look it up like the Cowboy did – Google is your friend.  The Cowboy tries to avoid gratuitous use of the thesaurus, so the vocabulary generally belongs to the Cowboy, although he likes to include words he has recently learned or re-learned.  One of the Cowboy’s favorite word categories is “words you think you know but don’t.”  And if you don’t use ’em you lose ’em.

Terms in languages other than English will usually be italicized.  Extracts from articles or other writings will be indented.


Links are there for added information, amusement or interest.  Click, hover, don’t click – whatever floats your boat.  Some browsers show you the link location in the status bar at the bottom of your window if you want to get a hint.

Links are underlined, and will take you to sites or pages that are related to the discussion in some way.  Sometimes they are Wikipedia entries, thereby saving you the trouble of looking something up.  Other times, they will take you to source material.  And some will take you on an amusing or interesting tangent.  Watch out for neighboring words with different links; you can see the space in the underline if you look carefully.


Images will often link to something as well.  Your cursor should become an arrow if there is a link.  Image links will often take you to the source of the image, but they may also take you to something else that is ápropos the discussion or the image.  Sometimes there are secret pop-up messages if you let your cursor rest over an image.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the Cowboy is playful, so keep on your toes.

The Cowboy may meander in a post, but he likes to circle back around to the main topic.  Be patient; hopefully you’ll be rewarded.

This is a work in progress.  As a friend recommended to the Cowboy, this is a bit like a private garden that the Cowboy is keeping – he will prune here and plant there as his mood, energy, and aesthetic sense dictate.  You might want to check this page from time to time if you want to find out what’s going on.

The Cowboy can be reached at the following address or just make a comment below:

TheCowboy at DiaghilevCowboy dot com

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Cowboy 🙂

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