Iran So Far Away

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

– Michael Corleone, The Godfather Part II (sometimes wrongly attributed to Sun Tzu)

Iran has come up as a subject of conversation a number of times over the last few days.  After a breakfast talk by the UAE’s Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba, a friend posed this provocative question:

Would the UAE freeze Iranian accounts as a sanction to prevent their acquisition of nuclear weapons?


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The Sound of Freedom?

Tomorrow is 22 Bahman, the day a group of young students wishing for a better government, a better country and a better life, toppled a dictatorship against the unlikeliest of odds, forever changing the course of their country and putting their country at the center of a global geopolitical storm that would last for decades.


They chant:  “Death to the Dictator,” but the year is not 1979 and the dictator is not a Pahlavi.

Check out the various sources, cited in an earlier post by the Cowboy here.  Sullivan is still on top of things, but not doing dedicated coverage.  Backgrounder here.  Tehran Bureau is another good source.  Wright has a thought-provoking  realist view.

Pray for the land desiring to be free and the brave seeking to make it so.

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Green Shoots…

And wins.


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Examination: Current Events

Please review the material for each question, then fill in the blank.


The student demonstrators in Tehran are protesting at the embassy of, and shouting death to,  ____________.

A)  the United States

B)   Russia


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Going Green

How many people does it take to create a trend?  A revolution?

This one made the rounds a while back, but it is interesting to think about it in the context of events in Iran over the last several months.


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Revolution? Discuss.

The New America Foundation had a good discussion of the Iranian situation today.


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Instant Messaging

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How Does A Revolution Begin?

Things have gotten very interesting over the last few days in Iran.  Here are some good resources to follow the developments:

Andrew Sullivan (dedicated Iran coverage)

Twitter #IranElection

The Lede Blog at NY Times

LiveBlog at the Guardian

Cyberwar Guide for Beginners

Al Jazeera


BBC Persia (in Farsi)

Nico Pitney (HuffPo)

This is how revolutions begin.  But more often than not, revolutions fail.  One can’t help but think about the basic prescriptions for taking power:


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