Cowboy Confessional

It is probably time to address the use of the Cowboy as a third-person construct.  The Cowboy is just a humble traveler, making his way through life, the universe and everything (Hat Tip to Mr. Adams).  But if the Cowboy is to stand tall and proud in his saddle, as any good cowboy must, why rely on a literary device as gimmicky as the third person narrative?

Well, the Cowboy may be a simple man, but he has been to the Big City, and he acknowledges that this device would be roundly condemned by any worthwhile contributor to the Review.  Further, he knows that hiding behind a mask is not a new, or particularly inspired invention.  But, sometimes you do what works just to get you a bit further down the trail.

Subcomandante MarcosAnd besides, between the Lone Ranger and Subcomandante Marcos, the Cowboy has to highlight the frequently-observed phenomenon that an air of mystery does seem to get the fillies interested.

So, apologies to my dear readers.

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The O-Man Cometh


The U.S. Presidential election has consumed the Cowboy over the last few months. While I don’t want to burden our blog with thoughts about the election, some summary observations are probably called for.


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